29 Mar

President Obama said when he ran for office that everyone would have access to affordable health care. Now, not far into his presidency, we are on the verge of something quite different, namely a “mandatory health insurance” plan.

What does this  mean? Clearly, this means that the insurance companies and the chairmen of the boards of the major hospitals and HMOs have lobbies stronger than our leader’s will–and good old common sense. What it means too is that soon we will all become yet again slaves to the world of insurance. Insurance has won, and won big if this thing, in its utter unconstitutionality, passes through the challenges it will soon face.

Instead of controlling prices in the medical industry and for medical services this is what we get. It is like trying to put out a fire by throwing gasoline on it. Insurance was the problem in the first place. Do we need this middle man? Let’s be clear and honest first of all: medicine is an unfair business. For the most part doctors and hospitals need not compete and advertise for business. Nobody wants to use the services, they do because they have to. Shopping for medicine and medical treatment is not like buying a car or a house, or even a candy bar, where these businesses need to advertise and compete to earn your dollar. Medical professions rake it in even when times are tough, in fact during depressions, recessions, and such similar times, their business increases. While everyone else scrounges for dollars during these tough times, doctors see patients more often due to stress-related (for example) illnesses.

The right way to go would be some sort of price controls on pharmaceuticals, and to make it so that the working man could afford to pay for his and his family’s illnesses with cash like he does every other bill.  To control the prices that have skyrocketed out of hand. Instead, the prices are not so much as touched, and the only people who gain through this “new system” are those who are in the insurance business. Wouldn’t it be great if the government required YOUR business’ product be a mandatory purchase for all Americans?

Sham, scam, call it what you want, if this passes there are going to be MANY individuals who do not comply. Our very way of life will be threatened by the efforts to collect this money. We will continue to live under the illusion that good health care must be expensive, despite the majority of the countries in the world using some sort of price controls and government health care plan who each and all have a higher expected lifespan than us Americans.

The better alternative would have been an expanding of Medicare into a national health care plan option. Clinics could have been set up all over the country, staffed by people working off their college loans. People could be put to work in every town over 5,000 people, and in the end it all would cost less than what this fiasco is expected to cost the American taxpayer.

As is, this latest move shows us who is really in control of things in this country very clearly. It is Big Business, oligarchy without morality, the lobbying of the billionaires for their business concerns carrying more weight than children whose parents cannot afford adequate health care.  Once again, Canada, most of Europe and South America, Mexico, and even the far majority of Asia enjoy medical benefits guaranteed by their governments, which makes them more concerned about their citizens than our government is about us. Our controllers can somehow find money to bail out the biggest crooks of all (banks), for weapons, for bombing nations on hearsay with all absence of the diplomacy we are expecting and pay for, and for wasting billions yearly on unnecessary wars and war games. But we somehow cannot find a way to provide minimum health care for citizens.

Were it up to me, I’d say let’s just quit paying taxes completely. I feel I get little to nothing for my money, and that most of it goes to pay salaries of government employees, or for their pensions. But for this to work, we all have to quit paying our taxes, not just me. But really it seems nobody cares. And the more I think about it, the more I realize should I go this route, I will just be myself in debtor’s prison, while like blind sheep everyone else allows the Constitution to be trampled in the name of getting the rich richer.

I am ashamed that all this time and money has been wasted to merely boost up insurance sales. It has been said that in times of strife, when political systems are corrupt, it is impossible to be both a good man and a good citizen. I must declare, then, that I will not sacrifice being a good man to be this good citizen.

Obama promised health care, we are getting mandatory insurance, reasoned like car insurance maybe, necessary for the “privilege of living” rather than driving. He promised to remove the troops from Iraq, then promptly moved them into Afghanistan. Is he not trying? The truth is, it doesn’t matter. He is just a puppet, as all the Presidents since the 1910s have been puppets, for the Big Business machine. We, like fools, think we have a choice between “democrat” and “republican” when really they are THE SAME. Something to give us the illusion of a choice. Can you cite any real difference between, say, a conservative democrat or a liberal republican? No, they select and finance the two lead contenders from both major parties, knowing that WHICHEVER wins—Big Business, or “they” win.

Don’t believe me? Look up any major business figure, say John Tishman, CEO of Tishman Construction, one of the biggest gigs in NYC. See where his campaign money went. And this information is all public records. If I blatantly give money to both McCain and Obama, what does that tell you? It tells me that for my purposes, EITHER ONE would do. They are puppets, and we attend their wooden show.

In the words of Jefferson, it is our duty to correct a corrupt and self-serving government, now full of silver-spoon people most of whom have no idea what it means to work for a living. This is the new, our new aristocracy, the “New World Order,” no different than the Tories and British Imperialists we jettisoned once already.

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