Welcome to Truthopia

13 Jan

Truthopia stands for an ideal nation of truth-seekers at once unwilling to bow unconditionally to any authority, or reject any speculation out of hand. The goal of this blog is to unearth real truths from the rubble of opinion, dogmatism, and outright conjecture from which we have to choose.

The best way of doing this is to take one issue at a time, which I will do, beginning now.

Currently the issue of Creation versus Evolution has been occupying quite a bit of my time. I have always been a skeptic of sorts regarding both positions. Ive even long considered their combination, and other possibilities, as to the Origin of Man, a subject which has occupied nearly half my life. Recently much new information, and many questions about old evidence, have arisen concerning this quest for the beginning of humanity. My interest has also been renewed. Going into this, knowing what I know now, I go into the research still undecided, so far unswayed by either argument, or other alternatives. This will make it a truly unbiased study, blog, and I hope, conversation.

I will begin blogging here at WordPress about this Creation versus Evolution issue (CvE). If things go to plan, I will be making a movie chronicling our conclusions. To this end I encourage all interested readers to contribute what they can.

I’ll be back soon to get this thing started by first outlining the common positions as to the Origin of Man.


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One response to “Welcome to Truthopia

  1. Sal

    January 14, 2009 at 1:03 am

    Can’t wait this should be great. I’m ready!


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