I. SCIENCE C. Theories

25 Jan


In continuing this study meant to determine the Origin of Man, we have so far determined that we need to first study carefully, and try to comprehend, the claims of science and creation (otherwise known as intelligent design). We will need to become knowledgeable about competitive theories as well later on, but for now these two theories are our focus. Having gained somewhat of an understanding as to how science goes about determining the age of rocks, fossils, artifacts, and the like, we can begin to discuss the actual theories. I mean here to call attention specifically to those theories which are accepted as fact by the vast majority of archaeologists, anthropologists, geologists, astronomers, biologists, and similar. This body of evidence these people provide, and which we use as fact in society, I call “science,”  and those which are responsible for providing the data, “scientists.” A theorist need not be, or be part of, either.

So I would like to begin this glance at the prevailing scientific theories with a few more words about theory itself. Scientists will tell you that a theory is simply that, a theory. Theories are explanations, ideally based on reliable available evidence, meant to account for existence and being. Almost any aspect of life can be theorized about, by anyone. The difference between a good theory and a bad one rests squarely on the evidence, and quality of evidence provided for the espoused position, or view.

Being as there are then thousands of such theories, let’s just focus on science’s theories about the questions important to our study as to the Origin of Man. These questions are:

1. Who was the first man, or men on Earth?

2. Where did these men come from?

And because these questions involve the whole prospect of being able to calculate the age of antiquity, we need ask also:

1. How old is the earth?

2. Where did the world, the universe, come from?

This being the case, science offers three theories, all of which we will have to consider. These are:

1. The Big Bang Theory

2. The Theory of the Primordial Slime

3. Evolution, or Darwinism

These three theories will be the focus of the next three sections, which I will break up into parts, for easy digestion. What we need keep in mind is our honest quest to find the Origin of Man.


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