Johnny Manziel, Michael Sam, And The Washington Redskins


Let it be known that since this writing the Redskins have officially had their copyrighted trademark revoked by the Feds. At last news Redskins owner Dan Snyder plans to appeal this atrocious and illegal decision. It is also a very bad precedent to set.

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To me freedom and liberty are inalienable rights and perhaps the only natural laws. The only restrictions on my liberty I can accept, with good conscience, are those which restrict it in such a way that it does no harm to others. My right to swing my arms is by nature boundless – except at the point of your nose, or even, the nose of the statue that belongs to you. This time I am living in now, in 21st century America, seems almost a call for Cold War nostalgia, where you cannot say certain things. Freedom of speech, in my estimation (and to my chagrin), is fast becoming so twisted in meaning that I fear we really no longer have the freedom at all. It is like saying, “come over whenever you want” soon followed by “except Tuesday or Thursday.” Asterisks exist even for freedom of speech, it seems…

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